Ezycooler – Worlds First Smart Cooler

National Water Mission which was initiated by ministry of water resources govt of India with the objective of

“conservation of water, minimizing wastage and ensuring its more equitable distribution both across and within States through integrated water resources development and management” – link of above objective.

 Looking towards this initiative by govt we thought how water can be saved by use of technology.With this objective we started a survey related to wastage of water and searched where maximum amount of water is wasted across India. After few months our survey was complete with a shocking result. In this survey we found cooler a basic need of Indian families now days but if we see on other side water usage of coolers are very high. Lets check out some figures which we found in our survery With a minimum percentage we calculated approx. 5cr coolers are used in India
  • And every cooler consumes 60-150 ltr of water every day depending upon sizes of cooler
  • So we are considering average 90 ltr of water is consumed by 5cr coolers a day
  • That is 4500000000 ltr of water is consumed by coolers a day
  • In 1 season means for three months 405000000000 ltr of water is consumed by cooler a days
  • Cost of 1 mm3(multimillion cube) water is approx. 1 cr to irrigation dept.
  • In survey we also find something related to forests, cooling pads (khus) which is used in cooler are made of trees and for that
    lets check some figures
  • Cooler used approx. 1 kg of cooling pad (thus) every year
  • So 5cr kg of thus is used every year
  • By 1 tree approx. 50kg material for cooling pads (thus) is separated.
  • 1Acres = 500 trees
  • 2000 acres of deforestation every year due to cooler for cooling pads

Ezycooler – FEATURES

In India maximum population is middle class so they cannot afford AC so they use cooler but if we see consumption of water and cooling pad. Looking at this big issue we thought of designing a low cost cooler which can consumed less water and cooling pads.
Our team started working on this technology from last 6 months and design a most advanced cooler

With following features

  1. ) Consumes 2 ltr of water a day
  2. ) No need of cooling pads(thus)
  3. ) Consumes 50% less power than conventional cooler
  4. )  Available in 2 models – i) movable n portable ii) wall mounted
  5. )  Interior matching colours
  6. )  Smart Cooling technology works with smart phone app
  7. )  Noise less.
  8. )  Humidity less cooling in indoor also